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Consultants to Battery, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Generation Industries.
                    Design services and Electrochemical Evaluations.

A Water Electrolysis, Zinc Air Fuel Cell and Air Electrode Expert

DoppStein Enterprises Inc. (DSE) is an R&D laboratory located in Marietta, Georgia, working in renewable energy related fields including hydrogen production though water electrolysis, metal-air fuel cells, and alkaline fuel cells. The President and Chief Scientist is Robert Dopp who is one of the foremost authorities on Zinc Air technology with 42 related patents bearing his name and several pending applications in alternative fuel field. The CFO is Sharon Z. Stein, an investment consultant and former consumer reporter. Robert's background is from the Battery development world working primarily in metal air batteries for Rayovac in Madison, WI then Electric Fuel Corp of Israel. Sharon was a consumer reporter and TV personality in Detroit for many years before they combined forces in Marietta in 1998.

As a consultant to the Alternative Energy, Fuel Cell and Battery related industries, Robert Dopp offers expertise in a wide range and depth of knowledge in battery systems. He has helped develop components and designs resulting in longer-life batteries with over four times the energy density of Alkaline cylindrical cells, and many tens of times higher energy than many rechargeable batteries. His onsite laboratory gives him considerable flexibility, consulting on the electrochemistry and design of gas electrodes and building cathode machines. DSE has also participated in research in hydrogen generation, fuel cells, thermal batteries and many other energy related projects. Recently work in water electrolysis has proven to be well ahead of the field. See the White Papers and Press Releases for more information.

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