Introducing Bob and Sharon

Bob and Sharon live a magical life in the rolling hills north of Atlanta. Bob originated in Wisconsin. He is well known in the battery industry, holding over 36 patents and instrumental in the development of the Zinc Air hearing aid battery. Sharon hails from Michigan where she wore many hats as a consumer reporter for the Detroit News and local television stations. She was featured both on CNN and in USA Today. She also served as the Director of Consumer Services and spokesperson for a large Supermarket chain.

Bob and Sharon look at life differently than most people.. appreciating both light and shadow which are reflected in their artworks. Bob works in clay, wood, metals, paints and glass. He has recently been sculpting amazing raised relief works in colored clays creating raised relief, walking stick heads, sculptures.

Sharon's art forms before pottery were mainly in the kitchen and garden and now she has discovered she is a natural potter with a style that is free-flowing, well balanced and glazed with amazing luminosity. The potter's wheel is her second home now, where she creates cups, bowls, platters, containers, vases and gorgeous Powder-room sinks.. She is engaged in an ongoing quest for the "Perfect Glaze". Their work can be seen on their Ceramic Arts page.

Together Bob & Sharon make many joint projects. For example, she throws a bowl and Bob carves in it or Bob hand-builds vases and utensil holders and they are beautifully glazed by Sharon. Many works contain two sets of initials. Sharon coined the phrase: “Couples that clay together, stay together”.

Chemical Engineering now occupies most of our time with new projects including fuel cells, air breathing batteries and hydrogen generation. In the Marietta laboratory, tomorrow's power supplies are being invented. This, too, is an art-form.

Bob and Sharon DoppStein
Marietta, GA 30068

770 649 1933

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