Bio of Bob Dopp & Sharon Stien

                    Creating Innovative IP for our Clients

Consultants to Battery, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Generation Industries.
                    Design services and Electrochemical Evaluations.

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DoppStein Enterprise Inc. (DSE) is an Electrochemical Research Laboratory concentrating on air-breathing batteries and hydrogen generation via water electrolysis.

* Developing technologies related to alternative energy
* Specializing in hydrogen generation, fuel cells and air-breathing batteries
* Enhancing clients Intellectual property portfolios
* Maintaining client confidentiality a high priority

* Engineering is our art form
* Creative innovation using sound electrochemistry is our strength
* Alternative energy is our passion

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Robert Dopp is a Water Electrolysis, Air Electrode, Fuel Cell and Zinc Air expert, holding 42 patents bearing his name and several more pending. He has developed the world's highest rate water electrolysis apparatus and highest rate gas electrode.